The Habituel Grapefruit (Citrus Paradisi) Essential Oil belongs to the Rutaceae family, like all citrus fruits. The grapefruit is thought to be an accidental hybrid fruit of the pumelo orange and the sweet orange. This wonderfully, refreshing oil is versatile and very popular in aromatherapy for its therapeutic benefits similar to those of other citrus oils. Known for its energizing and invigorating, sharp and stimulating aroma, Grapefruit oil can give you the boost you need and leave you feeling revived and revitalised. Grapefruit oil is also renowned for its cleansing and purifying properties, its commonly used in skincare for those who have oily skin or a greasy complexion. It is said to help smooth and soften the skin leaving it feeling supple and revitalised. It is an astringent so it is great for use in a toner. Grapefruit Essential Oil can also be used in combination to your regular shampoo for stronger, healthier and shinier hair. Grapefruit Oil is often used in hair care products for those with oily hair as it has balancing and clarifying properties. Grapefruit Oil is phototoxic, like all citrus oils so my cause irritation when exposed to direct sunlight immediately after application.

Grapefruit Essential Oil

  • The benefits of grapefruit essential oil are wide and varied:

    • Add to your teenager’s facial routine to improve the appearance of blemishes (avoid sun exposure).
    • Diffuse while dieting or trying to lose weight to increase motivation.
    • Add one to two drops to your water to support a healthy metabolism.
    • Improves the appearance of blemishes
    • Supports healthy metabolism*
    • Uplifts mood
    • Wonderful refreshing and invigorating citrusy aroma. Often used in aromatherapy.
    • A great oil for skincare, often used in cosmetics as a natural skin toner and cleanser suited for oily skin.
    • With its powerful, fruity scent, this vibrant oil can also be used to make homemade beauty and natural cleaning products.




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