The Habituel Indigo Hair Dye - The Habituel brings you the best quality Organic and 100% Natural and Pure Indigo Herb Powder for Hair colouring.We are direct importers of this product from India.Indigo powder is ground from clean, dried leaves of the Indigofera Tinctoria, sifted and packed to ensure no extraneous matter or chemicals, metals, etc pass through.It is used to colour grey hair with henna to give various shades ranging from black/ blue to blue and shades of Browns depending on proportion of Henna used. On its own, Indigo will give a Blue shade on White or Grey hair.The Habituel provides a PPD, Chemical, Ammonia Free 100% Natural, Organic, Heavy Metals Free, Vegan, Premium Quality Powder, Not tested on Animals.Indigo Hair Dye is known to provide a nourishing effect to the hair, provides natural volume, bounce and shine, making it look thicker and fuller.It is a suitable for all Hair types but is best to patch test it to ensure there is no allergic reactions

Indigo Powder - Hair Dye

  • The main uses & benefits of Indigo Hair Dye

    • Nourishes, provides shine and bounce to hair making it look fuller
    • In combination with Henna provides a natural Black/ Bluish shade depending on the proportion of Henna used
    • Chemical Free, 100% All Natural, Vegan, No PPD, Ammonia, Heavy Metals or Parabens
    • Sold in Laminated, Resealable, Sealed Bags for best storage
    • Covers Grey hair completely while nourishing and improving hair condition