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STAND UP Bags / Pouch - Clear


  • Stand up Pouch (SUP's) Resealable bags are ideal for food, snack, tea coffee bean storage.
  • These bags can also be used for various purposes as they are durable, eco-friendly and reusable.
  • These are high quality White Matte Finish on both sides.
  • These are moisture proof, heat-proof upto 100 Deg Centigrade.
  • Tear notch on the top enables easy opening of the bag wile the resealable zipper allows to re use and store the product back keeping it safe from air, moisture, heat, etc.
  • The design also allows it to stand up and is easy to store in small places.
  • Food-grade PE material is safe. Stand Up pouches show good grade.
  • Moisture proof, heat-proof, airtight bags but very high temperature not suitable. Laser etched Tear notches on the top that help open the bag easily, save time and can be sealed again.
  • Zipper resealable design make the bag reusable and keeps away from humidity. The capacity of the bag depends on density of the item you put in.
  • Stand up design is convenient to display the items, which can also store the drinks.
  • The bag is of good quality thickness for double sides, which is sturdy and durable.

Stand up bags/ pouch Zip Lock bags - Clear

    • Perfect for coffee, beans, candy, sugar, rice, baking, cookie, tea, nuts, dried fruit, dried flowers, powder, snack, electronic accessory, makeup cosmetic and more long term storage package
    • Zipper resealable, stand up design and zipper on top. Small pouches, meet the personalized needs. Good for confections, food, coffee, tea, drinks, juice, snack and many other things.
    • Stand Up Pouches keep products clean and free from moisture. Stand Up, Re-sealable with tear notches, the zip lock bag is easy closed and recycling, and can be made tamper proof with a heat sealer.
    • High quality food-grade PE material, transparent food pouches, sturdy and durable. Stand up design saves space, High barrier quality lamination. Stand up design is good for selling goods in the store or storing at home.
    • Water-proof, Moisture-proof, Smell-Proof, Air Tight & Heat Resistant, Oxygen Permeability Barrier, good to keep for long shelf life. Stand Up Design, Space Saving, High quality, Food Grade. Reusable, Safe, Eco-Friendly Product




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