If your skin feels dry or uncomfortable, create your own blend of sensational body creams and lotions, with our range of body butters. Indulge in a super-rich body butter, that will keep your skin super soft, moisturised and hydrated for all year round. All our rich body butters are sourced from across the world

essential oils

Essential oils have been used since ancient times, enhance your well being with our 100% pure essential oils range. Perfect for massage, a diffuser or simply added to a bath, shampoo or your favourite body butters.


Carrier oils are a range of complementary oils and are widely oils are used to dilute the essential oils and help "carry" them into the skin. 


Whether you are a label designer or a professional that needs to post lots of letters or parcels, we have a large selection of self adhesive paper ranging from matte, to gloss, to clear.. Why not have a look.. 


Looking for high quality, low price stand up pouches and glass amber bottles, then look no further. We stock high quality stand up pouches at very affordable prices.




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